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We are a trusted partner to both OEMs, first and second tier aerospace companies. Our diverse aerospace machining capabilities enable us to manufacture a wide range of products. These products range from precision engine components in super alloys to structural aircraft components manufacturing in aluminium, titanium, stainless steel and more. Our extensive fleet of modern CNC machining, turning, and grinding equipment are at the ready to deliver components small and large, including connectors for the aerospace and military aircraft. We are engaged in military programs including both manned and unmanned aircraft, ground vehicle systems, maritime equipment and submarine shafts and rams, satellites, spacecraft, delivery systems and more.


We develop dynamic solutions to produce difficult to manufacture components for today’s fast paced and rapidly expanding market for printing, electric, oil & gas and hybrid electric drive systems. Our team of highly skilled machinists, engineers, and assembly technicians have your needs covered.

Customized Medical Parts


AceInotec offers diverse range of precision machined components for the medical device and life science market. Among our medical machining competencies, we manufacture stainless steel and plastic precision instruments for bone repair (medical screws and bone screws) and other non-elective surgical procedures, including end effectors and components for surgical robotics, nitinol staples, surgical staples, valves and more. Our capabilities include machining components for lab and operating support equipment for a variety of surgical, imaging, and diagnostic procedures.

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